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If you are 70 and over and a resident of Hammersmith & Fulham  you could be able to take advantage of our free small plumbing jobs and advice service which we run 




We believe here at that everybody should put that little bit into helping your local community and what a better way to help those who have helped us in the past, we can send a plumber out to pensioners aged 70 and over that live in Hammersmith & Fullham, our plumber will look at your basic plumbing i.e radiators,taps,sink & bath wastes or toilets and fix any small problem free of charge, this could be something like bleeding your radiators or tightening your taps to re-silicone your bath or plumb in a washing machine. We will also advise you on any plumbing issues you think you may have.

Our plumber will be with you for around 30/45 min max


Places are very limited as we can only get to a certain amount of homes in the time we have

No place is guaranteed on receipt of your application if you are chosen you will be notified


If you are a local plumber and would like to get involved with us and offer your services to oap's for free please get in contact with us as the more people we get involved the more people we can help. 

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